Shipments are normally sent within 24 hours of payment, or on the first working day if it is the weekend or a Public holiday. Shipments are made using SEUR or Sending (according to the option selected when completing the booking) and a tracking number is supplied.

Shipping expenses include handling and packaging costs, as well as the postal charges. Although handling costs have a fixed price, transport costs can vary depending on the total weight of the package. We advise you to group all your purchases in the same order. We cannot combine two different orders and the shipment costs will be applied to each order separately. Although we accept no responsibility for any damages to the package once it has been sent, we will do everything possible to protect all fragile items.

In some countries the Customs authorities require an identity card number in order to complete official procedures. If this information is incomplete or incorrect, your shipment could be withheld by the Customs authorities.

We use big boxes and your items will be protected.

Returns policy

When you receive your package, you have 14 days to return it if the product received is not what was ordered or due to any manufacturing defects.

The return process is always the same:

1. Contact us by email ( or by telephone (961861561), informing us of the shipment number and the error detected.

2. We will inform you of the return or replacement method (normally by Courier or certified mail). If the error is ours or the return is due to a manufacturing defect, we will assume the transport and replacement costs. In the case of breakages due to incorrect use of the item, the client must assume the return costs.

We remind you that Chufamix has a 2-year guarantee.